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The godlike are the children of humanoids (most often humans) who have been “blessed” (or cursed, depending on personal or social view) with the physical manifestation of a divine spark granted by the gods. Godlike manifest their divine heritage in a variety of ways: wings, horns, strange birthmarks, talons, odd eyes - but they always manifest it somehow.

Godlike concept, Polina, Project Eternity by Obsidian Entertainment on Kickstarter

30 Days of Games, Day 04: Your Guilty Pleasure Game

Another tough one. I don’t really… I’m just over that cultural cringe. Gamers are a really diverse group - gamers aren’t even a group; everyone games - and different people like different things. Who are you trying to impress by ruling out one type of game or another? Some clique on the Internet? It amazes me that grown adults care what other people think on matters of taste. Unless you have some genuine, moral justification (and not just an enormous chip on your shoulder), you really have no reason to think any kind of game is less deserving of attention than another. People are dumb. Learn about subjectivity: “I don’t like X” is not “X is bad”. Oh god, whatever.

I am just kind of guilty about how many hours I spend gaming (and reading, watching movies, staring into space, walking, eating, etc) when I should be doing my paperwork, housework, grocery shopping, and other less fun activities required to ensure my day to day existence. Procrastination forever!

The Religious Reviewer

Earlier today I linked to this review of indie rogue-like The Binding of Isaac on Twitter and commented that it was “interesting” because a Christian Pastor had written it, and awarded the game 9/10 - “phenomenal”.

I wanted to qualify that but couldn’t do it in in under 140 characters (or words, likely) and also, you know, I had actual work to do.


I noticed that closing remark about the writer being a Christian pastor, and I wondered what relevancy that had to the review.

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