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Things That Aren’t Worth Any Money But Should Be: Part 006

The Japanese word for “busy” literally translates as “kill me now I haven’t got the stamina for this kind of lifestyle and I don’t believe any of you have either”, but linguistic oddities aside, it is hard to stop and figuratively smell the roses when you are strapped to the side of a commuter train that cannot decelerate below two hundred and seventy kilometres per hour or it will explode, also figuratively but don’t make me spell it out for you. Somehow or other I have found the time so let us join hands and skip merrily onwards into a delightful woodland fair put on by the bunnies and birdies and adorable baby fauns in honour of


Sleep, believe it or not, is completely and utterly one hundred percent free. Nobody will ever ask you to give any money for it; in fact there are professions where they pay you good money just to go without it, and it is for this reason that our trucking industry benefits from the strict policing and regulation preventing unscrupulous individuals from exploiting your willingness to snort speed.

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