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Things That Aren’t Worth Any Money But Should Be: Part 005

I am in a terribly good mood today because I invented a Facebook meme involving the phrase HA HA SUCK IT BITCHES GAMERS 4 LIF3!!!!!1!!!! which as you have no doubt realised is a piece of pure genius. Sure it’s not actually contagious in any way but even a failed virus is a virus and in my tiny group of two we had a ball with it for the space of five minutes thus I am in precisely the kind of upbeat mood to appreciate the good things in life as celebrated by run on sentences exempli gratia


Precursors to precipitation are provided to we the beneficiaries by an extended chain of incredibly complicated chaotic climate causation which we will never ever understand in its entirety - for free. To me that seems like a pretty good deal, in fact I do not hesitate to call it perhaps the greatest deal of all time. The very next time you are not feeling the last measure of feeble life-force leeching from your body as the Overlord Solus devours all that you are you should think to yourself “thanks clouds”.

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