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Sleepless in the South east

Three eighteen in the morning - and that's after lying here for an hour hoping that if I didn't look at the clock, more sleep would occur. I think I passed out shortly after nine. Jet lag, you're so much fun.

It’s been quiet in these virtual parts because this week I’m staying with family on our property in the South East (rural South Australia) which not only means I have better things to do than hang about online (like play with dogs, look for interesting sticks, and walk about taking deep breaths and declaiming on the joys of country living) but also that I have to forsake my usual Internet habits. We’re on satellite out here, the only alternative to dial up, and the combined download and upload limit is half a gig.

Draconian. You ought to see what is costs, too. Dear Mr Hackett, lord of Internode, I wonder if you would mind very much making the government run some fibre out here to replace the kilometres of copper that have not been replaced since approximately the Dark Age?

I’m moving into a new place in Adelaide on Sunday, pre-equipped with a rock-solid ADSL connection, but I probably won’t get back on the webcomics-blog-games trawl for a few days, because I have to catch up a backlog of incentives for my make.believe entry. I am the world’s slowest and most primitive video editor.