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Things That Aren’t Worth Any Money But Should Be: Part 001

In my ongoing campaign to be happy and cheerful and a people person, as opposed to the socially misaligned, reclusive shell of a human being I am now, I intend to count my blessings. Starting with:


Hot weather is so good that they really ought to charge admission. If you want a bit of this thirty-five degree action, you should have to pay up, because it is too good to just distribute to the plebs as happens now.

If people had to pay a dollar for every minute their bodies enjoyed a natural ambient temperature (for we are tropical animals) then there would be a lot less complaining about it, because everyone would see it as a premium item to be coveted and obtained. I get terribly upset when people moan “oh it is forty degrees in the shade and there is no breeze and the humidity is killing me” because THIS TOO SHALL PASS and then it will be absolutely bloody freezing again.

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