I was looking at Twitter in bed tonight and found out something interesting about Destiny, so I got up to check it out. My housemate came home while I was playing and we did a few missions together. Eventually I excused myself to go back to bed.

It was only then that I realised… I had no pants on. I was sitting around in my jocks the whole time.

I don’t think he noticed because I was tucked up at my desk, but maybe he twigged when I suddenly screamed and ran away down the corridor to my room.

How To Reach Out

  • realise you need to call someone
  • read through all your contacts list
  • eliminate people you don’t know well enough to talk to
  • eliminate people you don’t like
  • eliminate people you’ve already ruined your relationship with
  • eliminate people you don’t want to explain your current, self-imposed situation to
  • consider getting drunk
  • go to sleep and hope everything is better tomorrow (??)